Zain KSA Call Packages

Zain KSA Call Packages

Zain KSA Local Call Packages

Zain is calling offers or minutes for making local network calls. We require local Calling minutes daily, weekly, and monthly to speak with friends, family, and others. Below is a list of all local network-related information in the table:

Local Calls Price  ValidityActivationCancelation
  25 Minutes  2.9 SAR1 Day  L1  CAL1
  150 Minutes  14.95 SAR  1 Week  L7  CAL7
  500 Minutes  34.5 SAR  1 Month  L30  CAL30
  • For Activation or Cancel Auto-renew : Send code to 959

Zain to Zain Unlimited Call Package

Zain to Zain CallsPriceActivationCancelValidity
Unlimited  5 SAR  1005  CA1005  1 Day
Unlimited  9 SAR  1006    CA1006  1Week
Unlimited  30 SAR  1007    CA1007  1 Month
  • For Activation or Cancel Auto-renew : Send code to 959

Zain KSA Monthly Call Packages

In this offer all the customers can get free minutes, and internet for a whole month without any problem.

Local CallsInternetPrice With VatActive
400 Minutes5GB+5GB Social 67.85 SARS59
1500 Minutes15gb+20gb Social113.85 SARS99
3000 Minutes30GB+UL Social 171.35 SARS149
Unlimited50GB+UL Social 205.85 SARS179
Unlimited95GB+UL Social228.85 SARS199
2000 Minutes50GB115 SAR 

To Activate: Send Activation Code to 959

  • For Balance Check: Send SMS with the code BC to 959
  •  Social Data: social data are used for Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Duration: All Plans Validity is 4 Weeks.

Zain  KSA Weekly Call packages

Calls LocalPriceValidityActivationCancel
150 Minutes14.95 SAR  7 DaysL7  Send to 959CL7 Send to 959
Unlimited 7 SAR7 Days1006 t0 959CA1006

Zain Daily Call Packages KSA

Local CallsPriceValidityActiveCancel
252.9 SAR1 DayL1 Send to 959CL1 Send to 959
Unlimited calls15 SAR1 daySend AUL TO 959Send DAUL to 959
  • To check your remaining balance of local minutes, send BC to 959.
  • This offer is exclusive to prepaid customers.
  • The prices including of VAT.

Zain KSA visitor Packages

InternetFlex minutesValidityActivationPrice
6GB60 Min2 Weeks404040 SAR
15GB150 Min2 Weeks606060 SAR
25GB250 Min3 Weeks858585 SAR
40GB350 Min4 Weeks1200120 SAR
60GB500 Min4 Weeks1600160 SAR

To Activation: Send SMS Activation Code to 959.

  • To Cancel  : CA + Activation Code. ex: CA3030
  • Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Flex Minutes: Local calls and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Kuwait, Yemen, Nigeria, Indonesia, Zain Sudan, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and the USA.

Zain International Call Packages

Activating international call packages, you can call other countries without any per-minute cost.

Country Int cal Price Validity Activation code

Pakistan (Zong ufone Jazz/Warid)

50 Mint 6 SAR 1 Day 9210

275 Mint

30 SAR

1 week 9211

600 Mint

60 SAR 1 month 9212
Pakistan (Telenor)

35 Mint

6 SAR 1 Day 9213
200 Mint 30 SAR 1 Week 9214
400 Mint 60 SAR 1 Month 9215
India 50 Mint 5 SAR 1 Day 9107
220 mint 20 SAR 1 Week 9108
670 mint

50 SAR

1 Month 9109
Bangladash 50 Mint 5 SAR 1 Day 8807

220 Mint

20 SAR 1 Week 8808
670 Mint 670 SAR 1 Month 8809
  • For Activation  : Send code to 959
  • To Cancel Auto Renew : Add ‘CA’ with Activation Code. Ex : CA9107 or CA9108.


All the Above Packages is including of tax. Prices can be changed at any time.

  • The company has the right to close any offer at any time.
  • This offer can be changed whenever the company changes the rules.
  • All the above bundles are only available for prepaid users.

Zain KSA call packages daily, weekly, and monthly are discussed here. Zain is the most popular and most subscribed cellular network in Saudi Arabia. It has over 2 million subscribers and is also the most affordable network in Saudia. If you’re a Zain sim user and want to know how to recharge your zain card then click here.

Zain is the leading telecom provider company established in Saudi Arabia and launched in august 2008. Zain provides local calls, international calls, SMS, and internet to its prepaid customer when they purchase a new Sim. Zain call packages are very cheap compared to other networks.


To check your remaining balance and package bundles, send BC to 959.

Zain free minutes can check by dialing *142#.

For more information visit the official website: click here

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