Zain KSA Postpaid Plans 2023-KSA Mobiles

Zain KSA Postpaid plans are offered by Zain telecom company in affordable prices. The postpaid Shabab SIM users of Zain telecom enjoy unlimited social media. The internet offers reasonable prices by subscribing to any postpaid  internet packages.

Zain Postpaid Packages (KSA)

Zain Postpaid Unlimited Internet Packages -5G Zain brings the 149 Unlimited postpaid plans in Saudi Arabia, which is more reasonable than other postpaid or prepaid bundles. That is the reason why Zain postpaid packages (KSA) are beneficial. Zain postpaid shabab packages include zain 149 unlimited internet packages, 199,299, and 399, complete social, internet, and calling offers.

PackagePrice SARInternetSocial MediaLocal CallVanity category
Shabab 99113.85 15GB20GB1500 min
Shabab 14985.6730GBUnlimited3000 MinutesEconomic
Shabab 199114.4395GBUnlimitedUnlimitedBronze
Shabab 299171.93150GBUnlimitedUnlimitedSilver

Social Media include YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and TikTok.

  • Validity All packages are valid for one month.
  • All packages have 15% VAT inclusive.
  • Zain offers 50% discount on e-SIM

Zain postpaid Internet Packages

50GB    113.85    1 Month    
  SAR 184100GB1 Month

Zain KSA Postpaid 1 Month Data Packages

1GB  SAR 34.5  1 Month  D1000  CA1GB  
2GBSAR 57.51 MonthD2000CAGB
5GBSAR 86.251 MonthD5000CA5GB
10GBSAR 109.251 Month10GBMCA10M
100GBSAR 1841 Month100GBMCA100M

Zain Internet Package 100gb 3 Months

100gb for three months: the price is 368, and you will get 100gb of internet data valid for three months only. You can subscribe to 100gb to send on 959 from your postpaid number. The details of the 3-month packages are given below:

100GBSAR 3683 Month100GBCA100
150GB  SAR 4143 Month150GBCA150
200GBSAR 517.53 Month200GBCA200
10GBSAR189.753 Month10GB  CA10G
20GBSAR 2543 Month20GBCA20G
50GB304.753 Month50GBCA50G

Zain KSA Postpaid Black Package

Zain Telecom lunched the new Black package in Saudi Arabia. There are three black packages that you can get that you need. Moreover, Zain telecom also provides instalments available in a black package.

Monthly Price Benefits

(1) Black Package

SAR 287.5

5G Internet 175GB
Local Calls Unlimited
Multi-SIM 2 SIM-Data
Digital apps 1 APPs free
Installment Available

(2) Black Package

  1. SAR 414
5G Internet Unlimited
Local Calls Unlimited
Multi-SIM 1 SIM-Data
Roaming data 2GB
Installment Available

(3) Black Package

SAR 632.5

5G Internet Unlimited
Local Calls Unlimited
Multi-SIM 2 SIM-Data
Device Discount SAR 4000
Installment Available

Zain Postpaid E-SIM Monthly Packages

InternetSocial MediaLocal CallsRoaming DataPrice
50GB2000 mintSAR 115
30GBunlimited3000 mintSAR 126.5
UNLIMITEDunlimitedUnlimitedSAR 161
UnlimitedUnlimitedSAR 230
150GBunlimitedunlimitedGGC UnlimitedSAR 241.5
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedSAR 322
5 GB5GB400 Mint67.85
20 GB15GB1500 Mint113.85

All packages’ validity is one month. Price includes vat. Social data is used for Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. To buy ESIM and enjoy the packages.

Zain Postpaid E-SIM Data Package

InternetSocial MediaValidityPrice
100GB1 Month115 SAR
50GB50GB1 Month149 SAR
200GB1 Month180 SAR
Unlimited1 Month200 SAR

All packages’ validity is one month. Price includes vat. Social media data is used for Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. To buy ESIM and enjoy the packages.

  • To Check Zain Remaining Balance: Send “BC” to 959.
  • To Contact Zain KSA Customer Care Number: Call 959 from Zain Number or another network 0590000959 
  • For more information, visit Zain Website: Click Here
Zain internet packages

Zain Prepaid Internet Packages

You can stay online, download your favorite songs, read your favorite blogs, stay connected on social media or even watch youtube for the whole week with Zain unlimited internet packages.