KSA STC Internet Packages Code

Customers must dial the subscription KSA STC internet packages code for their desired services. The users can subscribe to different packages by dialing the activation code on their mobile phone or using the MySTC app to activate all those amazing and affordable offers.

 Besides offering exciting daily internet packages, KSA STC internet packages code has a wide range of impressive STC weekly internet bundles that are good for different prepaid customers. 

KSA STC Internet Packages Code

STC has some of its customers’ most exciting and affordable monthly packages. Through this, customers can enjoy 5G internet services of their choice across different areas of the country.

The STC Saudi Company has been rolling out different internet bundles according to their customer’s needs, making them the preferred network provider for many Saudis simply by dialing the KSA STC internet packages code.

KSA STC Internet Packages Code

  • To check the balance, one can SMS the code 8888 to 900
  • To cancel the renewal package, one can send the code 7009 to 900
  • To get an update about SAWA the new package plans, SMS SAWA to  900
  • To check the data balance, SMS 2220 to 900 or enter the *166# for more information
  • To contact STC customer care, call 900
  • For prepaid users, dial 900 to get updated
  • For STC postpaid users, get information and activation by sending an SMS to 4080 to 900
  • For postpaid unlimited plans, send an SMS 2999 to 900 or call 900
  • To activate postpaid social media plans, Send an SMS 2999 to 900 or call 900

STC internet packages codes for KSA prepaid users

PriceDataValiditySubscription code
SAR 11020 GB1 Month2721 to 900
SAR 350Unlimited1 Month2726 to 900
SAR 15520 GB2 Month2729 to 900
SAR 23050 GB   2 Month2723 to 900
SAR 350100 GB 3 Month2727 to 900
SAR 470300 GB3 Month2728 to 900

STC packages code for social media and wi-fi subscriptions

PriceDataWI-FISocial mediaSubscription code
SAR 18447 GB20 GBUnlimited7160     
SAR 126.520 GB5 GB25 G B7110
SAR 74.754 GB     2 GB5 GB7065
SAR 103.510 GB   10 GB   7090
SAR 350100 GB2159

Subscription Code For KSA Local Call And Data Package

DataValidityActivationPriceLocal Call
2 GB6735SAR 352 hours
18 GB6770SAR 705 hours
45 GB6710SAR 1008 hours
4 weeks8112SAR 20100mins
4 weeks8113SAR 35200mins

STC internet packages code for SAWA data plans

1 GB1 month2152SAR 30
10 GB1 month2155SAR 110
10 GB2 month2156SAR155
100 GB3months2159SAR 350
10 GB3 months2157SAR  180
300 GB3 months2160SAR 470
  • For Activation: Send Activation SMS Code to 900

Activation code for postpaid packages

DataValidityPriceActivation code
unlimited 1 weekSAR 115SMS 2957 t0 900
unlimited1 daySAR 23Call 900
Unlimited2 daysSAR 40.252999
Unlimited1 weekSAR 97.75Call 900
unlimited2 weeksSAR 189.752999
  • For Activation: Send Activation SMS Code to 900

Activation code for getting packages to play games

4 GBSAR 41One time
10 GBSAR 60One time
15 GBSAR 69One time
  • For Activation: Send SMS Activation Code to 900

Many times, people will forget their SIM numbers. There are many reasons. For instance, it is hard for people who newly bought SIM to remember their numbers. Here is a list of a few STC mobile number check procedures that is helpful for the users of STC to know how to check STC sim number.

Ans:  simply dial 900 and press the call button.

Ans: simply call 900.

Ans: sending sms to 900 or sending *155*recharge card number# to 1500.

Ans: to check the STC balance, the code is 2220.

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