Zain KSA Internet Packages

Zain KSA internet packages are leading telecommunication in Saudi Arabia established and listed as a company in august 2008. Consistent with its innovative approach Zain KSA was the first one to launch commercially 4G/LTE in September 2011. Wherever, in October 2019 Zain updated its network throughout state of the art across 28 cities of the kingdom.

Zain KSA Internet Packages Unlimited

Stay tuned around the clock with Zain unlimited internet package, made to keep you online, entertained and informed without any restrictions.

PackagePriceDuration Subscribe CodeCancellation
UL Internet package15 SAR1 dayDUL to 959DDUL to 959
UL calls And internet18 SAR1 dayAUL To 959DAUL to 959
  UL 5G internet  85 SAR7 day  Send 420 to 959  4202 to 959
  UL 5G internet  325 SAR1 month  Send 415 To 959  Send 4162 to 959
5G unlimited data999 SAR3 monthsSend 417 To 959Send 4172 To 959

Zain social media packages

5 SAR1 day310CA310
20 SAR7 days311CA311
35 SAR7 days313CA313
60 SAR4 weeks312CA312

Zain Prepaid Internet Package- 5G

PriceInternetDurationActivation code
5 SAR250 MB1 DaySend 402 to 959
12 SAR500 MB7 DaysSend D500 to 959
 40 SAR2GB1 MonthSend 405 TO 959
60 SAR4GB1 MonthSend 406 t0 959
 75 SAR8GB1 MonthSend 407 to 959
 160 SAR105GB1 MonthSend 411 To 959
 450 SAR300GB3 MonthSend 414 To 959
 148 SAR100 GB1 MonthSend 100 To 959
  • For Activation : Send Activation Code to 959
  • Social Data : YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and X.
  • Validity : All Plans Validity are 4 Weeks.

Zain Prepaid Data Package KSA

Zain prepaid data packages gives you work ability to stay connected on your designation, with affordable options made to your data needs.

30GB+50GB social99 SAR1 Month4085G
30GB+30GB social175 SAR3 Month409
75GB+75GB social199 SAR2 Month4105G
125GB+100GB social299 SAR3 Month4215G
150+150 GB458.85 SAR3 Month414  5G  
Unlimited 5G325 SAR1 Month4165G

Zain Shabab Internet Package

Zain Shabab prepaid internet offers the best solution for young and effective users, providing high speed and affordable internet plans to fulfill your digital lifestyle.

Shabab 59SAR 595GB+5GB social400S59 To 9594 Weeks
Shabab 99SAR 9915GB+20GB1500S99 To 9594 Weeks
Shabab 149SAR 14930GB+UL social3000S149 To 9594 Weeks
Shabab 179SAR 17950GB+UL socialUnlimitedS179 To 9594 Weeks
Shabab 199SAR 19995GB+UL socialUnlimitedS199 To 9594 Weeks
  • Price include 15% VAT
  • 50% discount on e-sim.
  • Social media include youTube, snapchat, twitter, instagram, facebook and whatsapp.
  • Deactivation code CS149

Zain Prepaid Flex Internet Package

Zain prepaid flex internet is all about satisfaction and choice, allowing you to match your data packages according to your needs to stay connected.

Zain flex 59SAR 595GB+5GB3004 Weeks104
Zain flex 99SAR 9925GB+25GB10004 Weeks102
Zain flex 139SAR 13950GB+UL12004 Weeks105
Zain flex 229SAR 19990GB+UL20004 Weeks106
Zain flex 319SAR 319100GB+UL10003 Months103
  • For Activation : Send SMS Activation Code to 959.
  • Social Media Allow : YouTube, Facebook and Skype.
  • Flex Minutes : Local calls and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Kuwait, Yemen, Nigeria, Indonesia, Zain Sudan, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and USA.

Zain Visitor Internet Package

Stay connected while abroad with Zain visitors prepaid internet, offering satisfaction and reliable connections for tourists to enjoy the best of Saudi Arabia without data worries.

Visitor 40 40 SAR 6 GB6014 Days4040
Visitor 6060 SAR15 GB15014 Days6060
Visitor 85 85 SAR 25 GB2503 Weeks8585
Visitor 120 120 SAR 40 GB3504 Weeks1200
Visitor 160160 SAR60 GB5001 Month1600
  • Social Media : Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat.
  • Flex Minutes : Local and International calls.
  • 15% VAT inclusive

Zain KSA Unlimited Social Media Packages

Social media include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube .

PackagesPriceValiditySubscription codeUnsubscription code
Social packagesSAR 5  1 Day310CA310
UL call & dataSAR 20.71 dayAULDAUL
Social packageSAR 207 Days311CA311
Social Media Plus  SAR 35 7 Days313CA313
Social MediaSAR 60 4 Weeks312CA312

Zain KSA Unlimited You Tube Packages

PriceValidityActivation codecancellation
SAR 91 Day500 CA500
SAR 391 Week501CA501
SAR 991 Month502CA502
  • For Activation: send activation code to 959
  • cancellation: send cancellation code to 959

Zain Prepaid E-SIM Packages

PriceInternetSocial dataMinutes
67.85 SAR5 GB5GB400 minutes
113.85 SAR15 GB20 GB1500 minutes
171.35 SAR30 GBUnlimited3000 minutes
205.85 SAR50 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
228.85 SAR95 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
459 SARUnlimitedunlimitedunlimited

To buy E-SIM you will get first 3 month discount offer, All packages are valid for 4 Weeks.


Zain Shabab 59 Package can be availed by sending messages “S59” to 959. The price of this package is 49 SAR.

100GB of data offered by Zain or any other network is a huge amount that considers unlimited.

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