Mobily KSA Postpaid Packages 2024-KSA Mobiles

Mobily KSA Postpaid Packages provide you with the most significant postpaid bundle, allowing you to call anybody anywhere in the country. Stay in touch with your friends and family without any charge. Mobily KSA postpaid internet package is a fantastic offer by Mobily network.

Mobily KSA Postpaid Internet Packages

Mobily KSA Postpaid Unlimited Packages

Mobily KSA postpaid unlimited internet packages allow users to enjoy all types of mobile data of their choice.

DataPriceCallSocial media
3GBSAR57.5300 min
20GBSAR1151500 minunlimited
  • Price: Includes VAT
  • Social Media includes YouTube, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for entertainment purposes.
  • For Activation: Send subscription SMS Code to 1100
  • To Cancel Automatic Renewal package:  Send Cancel Auto-Renewal code to 1100
  • For  Checking Mobily Balance: Send SMS 4 to 1411

Mobily KSA Postpaid Data Packages

Being Saudi’s leading 4G network organization, mobily always has something better for the customers. All mobily KSA postpaid packages allow customers to enjoy a considerable amount of voice calls, mobile internet MBs, social data, and SMS. With this much in hand, it costs a commendable price.

Download Speed 80 Mbps Upload Speed 16 Mbps               258.75 SARMonthly
Download Speed 100 Mbps Upload Speed 20 Mbps287.5 SARMonthly
Download Speed 200 Mbps Upload Speed 40 Mbps345 SARMonthly
Download Speed 300 Mbps Upload Speed 60 Mbps              402.5 SARMonthly
Download Speed 500 Mbps Upload Speed 100 Mbps500 MbpsMonthly

Mobily KSA Postpaid Data, SMS And Call Plans

Mobily postpaid packages are given below:

InternetPriceSocial mediaSMSLocal Calls
500 MBSAR 46 
3GBSAR 57.550300min
20GBSAR 1151001500min
97GBSAR 230unlimitedunlimited
150 MBSAR 5.75
  • Offer: 50% discount offer for 3 months for new customers & port-in from other operators limited to eSIM
  • Validity: All plans validities are 4 weeks
  • Social Media includes YouTube, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram,and  Facebook.
  • Call: National minutes to all networks
  • Price: VAT inclusive
  • Roaming data includes 100 roaming minutes and 5GB roaming data with SAR 460 plan.Data Carry Over: A maximum of 150GB of unused data is carried over to the next month with SAR 345 plan if you are using Mobily postpaid network

Instruction About Postpaid Packages In KSA

To activate any package, send the SMS code to 1100. The validity of all the above packages is 4 weeks. Price is including with vat. Social media include YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. National minutes to all local networks. All these packages are only for postpaid customers in Saudi Arabia

Special offer

SAR155.2520GB30 days63006302
SAR 241.550GB60 days70907092
SAR 368100 GB90 days80808082

Mobily KSA Postpaid Only Data Packages

PriceInternetDurationActivation codeDeactivation
SAR 5.75150 MB15 Days75000750
SAR 17.25500 MB15 Days51005102
SAR 34.51 GB30 Days61006102
SAR 57.52 GB30 Days72007202
SAR 86.255 GB30 Days73007302
SAR 109.2510 GB30 Days70507052
SAR 155.2535GB + 30GB Social Media30 Days63006302
SAR 184100 GB30 Days70807082
SAR 189.7510 GB90 Days60706072
SAR 241.580GB + 75GB Social Media60 Days70907092
SAR 25320 GB90 Days82008202
SAR 29950 GB90 Days80708072
SAR 368100GB + 115GB Social Media90 Days80808082
SAR 373.75Unlimited30 Days49304932
SAR 517.5300 GB90 Days300
  • To activate: Send activation code to 1100.
  • Price with VAT

Mobily KSA postpaid offers:

Following five are the different plans offered by mobily network in Saudia Arabia. Let’s move towards the packages offer:

1. Mobily Postpaid 100

  • 20GB DATA
  • 100SMS
  • 1500 Free minutes to all networks
  • The activation price is 115 SAR first activation and for second activation 100 SAR.
  • Call 9200 for subscription.

2. Mobily Postpaid 200

  • 97 GB plus unlimited social media
  • Social media: Unlimited
  • Unlimited free minutes to all networks
  • The activation price is 230 SAR for first activation and for second activation 200 SAR will be deducted
  • call 9200 for activation

3. Mobily Postpaid 50b

  • 300 free minutes to all networks
  • 3GB of data
  • 50 SMS
  • The activation price is 57.5 SAR first activation and for the second subscription 50 SAR will be deducted
  • call 9200 for subscription

4. Mobily Postpaid 300

  • 150 GB DATA
  • Social media: Unlimited
  • Unlimited minutes to all networks
  • The price is SAR 345 first subscription and then for second subscription 300SAR will be deducted
  • call 9200 for activation

5. Mobily Postpaid 400

  • Unlimited minutes to all networks
  • Unlimited internet data
  • Local minutes: Unlimited
  • Roaming minutes: 100
  • The activation price is SAR 460 first activation and for second activation 400SAR will be deducted from account
  • call 9200 for activation

Mobily KSA Postpaid Roaming Activation:

Here are some roaming calls and internet offers, along with activation codes.

DataPriceIngoing\outgoing callsValidityActivation codes
unlimitedSAR228.85unlimited3 daysTrip100
unlimitedSAR401.35unlimited7 daysTrip 200
unlimitedSAR458.85unlimited10 daysTrip 300
unlimitedSAR631.35unlimited30 daysTrip 500
  • To Activate: Send SMS code to 1100

For more information visit Mobily official website: click here