Mobily International SMS Package KSA

Texting internationally can be expensive, although Mobily international SMS package KSA plans can make a huge difference in the amount of money you spend to send international texts.

Mobile phones have entirely revolutionized the way of our daily communication. We stay connected with our friends, family, and beloved ones through calls or text messages using any media. But it’s challenging to keep in touch with friends and family living in another country due to the costly international texting and calling plans.

Mobily International SMS Package KSA

Furthermore, technological advancement has modernized communication patterns by providing instant communication like instant messaging, web-based apps, video calls, social networking, and working.

How can one activate to mobily international sms package?

  • SMS 9999 to 1100 for subscription
  • Dial the code *9999#
  • To cancel your subscription, dial “dworld” to 1100
  • Note that the benefits mentioned earlier are only valid for 1 month.

Voice and SMS bundle by mobily network:

The voice and SMS bundles are included in 3 categories:

  1. GCC 25 bundle
  2. GCC 50 bundle
  3. Global bundle
PackagesGCC 25 bundleGCC 50 bundleGlobal bundle
Outgoing calls15min35min25min
Ongoing calls15min35min25min
Subscription codeGCC25 to 1100GCC50 to 1100Global 50 to 1100

Terms and conditions:

  • The global bundle can also be used in GCC countries
  • The bundle cannot be unsubscribed
  • In case of the wrong subscription, the fee will not be refunded
  • Once the validity is over, the customer will be notified by sms
  • After the expiry of the package customer will start charging

Mobily international sms package for Pakistan:

International SMS charging was 0.50 Saudi Riyal (12.50 Pakistani Rupees approximately) per SMS. Mobily offered approximately 0.15 Saudi Riyal (3.75 Pakistani Rupees) per minute call to Pakistan. Therefore people who have come to Pakistan for Umrah were calling their families and relatives instead of sending SMS as SMS was charging more than the one-minute call.

Mobily KSA international call packages:

Mobily to Sri Lanka call package:

  • Valid for only 90 days
  • 90SAR for the month (0.49 per minute).
  • Send 94941 to 1100
  • Activation via call, dial *9401#
  • To cancel: 94942

Mobily to Egypt call package:

  • Validity for 1 day
  • 60 minutes
  • SAR 6
  • Activation code by sending 7777 to 1100
  • Dial*5701#

Mobily to Bangladesh call package:

  • Daily 70 minutes for SAR6 only
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Send 99988 to 1100
  • Activation via call, dial*8801#

Mobily MMS bundles KSA:

How to ‪Activate MMS bundles?


  1. ‪Send an SMS “M30” to 1100 to activate the 30 bundles.
  2. Send an SMS, “M90,” to 1100 to activate the 90 bundles.
  3. Send an SMS, “M150,” to 1100 to activate the 150 bundles.
PackageSubscription commandNumber of MMS within the mobily networkSubscriptionRenewal fee
MMS 30M 303010 SAR10 SAR
MMS 90M 909025 SAR25 SAR
You can get the services activated by visiting mobily stores or by calling mobily customer care at 9200 or 1100. 9200 is also universal access number for any customer to activate any service.


The universal access number is 9200 and customer care number is 1100.

To activate mobily international SMS package dial *9999#.

To cancel mobily SMS package dial” dworld” to 1100.

You can check mobily balance by dialing the code: *1411# and press the call button.

The balance will be displayed on the screen after dialing the code.

  1. Send an SMS “M30” to 1100 to activate the 30 bundles.
  2. Send an SMS, “M90,” to 1100 to activate the 90 bundles.
  3. Send an SMS, “M150,” to 1100 to activate the 150 bundles.

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