Zain Internet Packages Unlimited

Zain unlimited calls & Data Package

Zain internet packages unlimited providing wide range of telecommunication service to its customer through data plans, call packages, social packages, Zain internet packages unlimited. With amazing browsing, fast and reliability Zain KSA keen to provide best services and set market benchmark . Zain KSA bring internet package unlimited, daily unlimited data, weekly unlimited 5G data, and 3 month 5G unlimited data with additional local calls on daily bundles. Clients now would be able to appreciate daily to weekly and weekly to monthly low cast and expedient access along with Zain internet packages unlimited.

Zain Internet Packages Unlimited

Zain KSA brings stunning daily unlimited internet offer price 15 SAR, daily unlimited local calls with data Bundles price 18 SAR, 5G unlimited 7 days offer with price 85 SAR and 5G unlimited 3 month with price of 999 SAR. All bundles prices do not included 15% VAT, since it is collected during line recharge.

You can stay online, paly games, read your favorite blogs, download your song collections, stay connected with social media, you tube and much more with unlimited data packages. you can subscribe and cancel unlimited data offer any time.

Zain KSA is committed to play a vital role in development and promotion of telecommunication sector through continuous development of its network and services in order to achieve best customer service experience either it is individual, private sector OR government institutions in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Package nameSubscription codeCancellationPriceDuration
Daily unlimited dataSend SMS to 959
Subscribe DUL
Send SMS to 959
15 SAROne day
Daily unlimited local calls& data bundlesSend SMS to 959
Subscribe AUL
Send SMS to 959
18 SAROne day
5G unlimited 7 daysSend SMS to 959
Subscribe 420
Send SMS to 959
85 SAR7 days
5G unlimited 3 monthsSend SMS to 959
Subscribe 417
Send SMS to 959
999 SAR3 months

Additional information:

  • To check remaining bundles & Balance text (BC) on 959
  • Price does not include 15% VAT, since it is collected during line recharge.


Ans: Open your phone text write DUL and send it on 959.

Ans: Open your mobile text write the code 420 and send it on 959.


If you want to avail daily, weekly or 3 month 5G  local call and data package Zain KSA provide fast, reliable and budgeted offer as company aims to remain best in telecommunication industry and set market benchmark.

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