Mobily Balance Check

Today, in this post, you will learn how to check Mobily balance with Mobily Balance Check Code in Saudi Arabia. You can easily check Mobily SIM and data balances by dialing a USSD code, sending an SMS through an application, or calling their helpline.

Mobily Balance Check By USSD Code

Method#1: To check the balance on your Mobily SIM number, just dial*1411*1#, and your remaining balance will be in front of you on your home screen.

How to check Mobily internet balance

Method#3: You can check your data “1” to 1442 to check your remaining internet balance.

 You will receive an instant message about your remaining balance with its information.


Mobily Balance Check

Mobily Balance Check Through Mobily App

Method#3: Another possible method to check your mobily internet Mb’s is through mobily app. Install the mobily application from playstore, complete the sign-up process and then move towards the dashboard . Your internet Mb’s and remaining SIM balance will displayed here.

  • install or download the app
    • once you have completed the downloading, then open the app
    • Now you need to log in to the app
    • Dial your mobily number and password
    • After completing the process, you can see your remaining balance on the screen

Mobily Balance Check By Calling Helpline

Method#4: The fourth way to check the data or sim balance is by calling the helpline or customer care number 1100 from your phone and dialing 2. The system will tell you about your remaining credit.

Terms and conditions about Mobily balance check

  • All mobily customers can check their balance with this code, irrespective of what package they are on.
  • Codes can be changed with time. However, this is the latest balance inquiry code of mobily.
  • Company’s Terms and Conditions apply and can be read on the company’s website.


Mobily data or internet balance check through code, you can dial USSD code *1411*1# on your screen. The system will show your remaining balance.

Yes, you can check your remaining balance through the mobily app. You can install and download the app. once you have completed the downloading, then open the app. Now you must log in to the app and dial your mobily number and password. After completing the process, you can see your remaining balance on the screen.

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