STC KSA Daily Internet Package

STC KSA Daily Internet Package

STC KSA Internet Packages For 1 Day

STC KSA daily internet package are widely used among local citizens and foreigners. People are connected through Saudi Telecom Company (STC) to make their life easier and more comfortable. Customers started to build trust in STC telecom services because of the quality of service. STC has some of the most exciting and affordable weekly packages for their users.

STC Internet packages have different daily data bundles that can satisfy all your internet needs such as unlimited for 1 Day Package” which offers customers the “Unlimited Data” for the whole day for just 23 SAR  (including tax).

STC KSA Daily Internet Packages With Price And Details.

Package NameInternetFree On- MintFree SMSvalidityPrice including VAT
STC SAWA 15400 MB400 Mint400 SMS1 DaySAR 15
Unlimited for One Day DataUNLIMITED001 DaySAR 25
SAWA Daily Plans200 MB200 Mint1 DaySAR 11.5
SAWA DAILY PLANS1 GB400 Mint1 DaySAR 17.25
World Roaming Daily Packages2 GB1 DaySAR 80.5

Activation Code & Deactivation Code

  • To any prepared Activation: send Activation SMS Code to ”900”
  • For Checking Balance: send ”8888” to ”900”
  • To Cancel any Auto Renewal: send SMS ”7009” to ”900”
  • Social Media include YouTube, Snap chat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

The customers can subscribe to this daily package by Sending SMS Activation Code “2120” to “900” on their mobile device or they can use the MYSTC App to activate this amazing offer. You have to subscribe to it again after 24 hours. You can check your balance status by dialing *166#.

The internet is like the world’s largest library that makes the life of its user better and the information provided is as free as the newspaper. More than 160 million customers are enjoying this service Come down and find the STC KSA daily internet packages with prices and details.


Ans: STC Internet can be availed by MySTC App or via quicknet vouchers.

  • Download the MySTC App from Google Play Store
  • Run the desired application 
  • Create your own account 
  • Input your number for STC Internet.
  • Click Ok for your clarification.
  • Enter the verification code that you received to verify the sim number.
  • Set your email logins, your password, and your name.
  • Accept all terms and conditions for functionality of desired goal.
  • After Registration you have to click on the STC button available below the portion of the App on your phone.
  • You will get instant access to vouchers MBS. 

Ans. To check STC balance dial the code ”900”.

Ans. To check STC data package dial the code *888# and press the call button.

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