STC KSA Free Internet

A lot of people search STC KSA free internet. So in this article, we will talk about STC KSA free internet and the methods by which you can get free internet MBs. So, here we will also discuss all the codes of their packages.

Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC) helps people stay connected with the world, and it has more than 20.9 million customers using its internet and calling services. We will share STC’s free internet and free data plans with you.

STC KSA Free Internet

STC Free Internet Data in Saudi Arabia

All prepaid and postpaid customers can get new STC KSA free internet packages by dialing the code *166#. Today, we’ll review some information to help you get the most out of your free STC KSA unlimited internet service. This section will check different code dials you can use on your STC SIM to get free internet.

STC Wi-Fi, including 30,000 locations across Saudi Arabia, enables customers to stay connected to the Internet with STC Wi-Fi. STC offers free YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social packages for almost 30 days.

STC KSA Free Internet Code List

If you want to avail of the free internet on your STC KSA SIM, then you must follow the following STC free internet codes. You can use these codes and get free unlimited data without any balance. So enjoy the free service.

  1. Dial *888# to enjoy free STC 50GB Internet.
  2. Dial *166# to enjoy free unlimited 3000GB internet
  3. Dial *888# to enjoy free 10 GB of internet.
  4. If you buy a new broadband device, you get unlimited free internet on a hotspot.

How to get prepaid free Data Without Recharge:

STC offers free internet, local calls, and International calls to your favorite destinations at the most affordable prices. Now stay connected with your loved ones whenever you want.

Whenever you buy a new STC KSA SIM with 10GB of data, you will get an extra 10GB for free internet. The validity of this package is the same as one month, which can use for YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social networks.

STC for its new users, You will get free 10GB of the internet when you buy a new SIM. The complete details are given below:

Offer type:  New prepaid Connection

  • Dial *888# to subscribe this offer on your SIM.
  • You will get 10GB+ free internet data.
  • Offer Charges: There is no charge for this offer.
  • Offers Validity: This offer is valid only for 1 Month.
How to get prepaid free Data Without Recharge:

STC KSA Postpaid Free Internet

STC Telecom brings exciting price plans in Saudi Arabia for postpaid STC KSA customers as every STC customer knows that STC includes 4G&5G in their network for prepaid and postpaid customers.

The postpaid customer now avails incredible monthly packages that include SMS, Internet, and calls. Individuals with a postpaid connection can get a 50% discount through advanced services. For more information, customers can download the MySTC app and activate packages.

STC Free TV Channels Through the App

That is a simple method for STC customers to get a free internet offer using the code.

  1. Dial *888# to activate the gift offer, or call 3000 for an STC gift plan.
  2. Offer price : 0
  3. Enjoy free internet on all prepaid and postpaid SIMs, including hotspots and Wi-Fi devices.
  4. Free TV offer: You can select a free one at zero price.
  5. To get free STC TV channels, dial *888# or choose free promos.
  6. Download and install the official app to watch free TV channels.
STC Free TV Channels Through the App


Ans. Dial *888# to subscribe to this offer is on your SIM.

Ans. Dial *166# to subscribe to free unlimited 3000GB internet.

Ans. STC helpline number is 3000.

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