STC Prepaid Internet Packages

STC Prepaid Internet Packages

Explore the world with STC Prepaid internet packages because we are connected by the internet like neurons in a giant brain. Saudi Telecommunication Company helps people to stay connected with world in their leisure time with suitable STC Prepaid internet packages.

STC Quick Net Prepaid Data SIM Packages

STC’s affordable Quicknet prepaid data package plans allow browsing internet data quickly. Users can enjoy the internet without the feeling of an MBS expiry. Several attractive offers attract user’s attention to keep connected with the STC Prepaid Internet packages

SAR15400MB1 Day
SAR 287.520 GB Roaming Data1 Weak
SAR 11535GB +45GB Streaming1 Month
SAR 195.5100 GB Data 19 GB Social Media1 Month
SAR 373.75unlimited 5G Data1 Month
SAR 402.550 GB Roaming Data1 Month
SAR 25380 GB +90 Streaming Data2 Month
SAR 201.2510 GB Data 3 Month
SAR 368100 GB +120 Streaming Data3 Month
SAR 517.50300 GB Data3 Month
SAR 1121.25Unlimited 5G Data3 Month
SAR 862.5500 GB Data6 Month

SIM Plans For Activation And Deactivation

  • To Activate: Activation of any above package dial *155* quicknet recharge card number *ID Number#.
  • Cancel Auto Renewal: If you don’t want auto-renew send “7009 to 900”
  • Streaming Services: YouTube, Netflix, Shahid  VIP ,STC TV.
  • Social Media: Twitter , Face Book, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube.
  • To Check Status: send SMS “2220 to 900” or Dial *166#

STC Quicknet SIM Renewal Packages

The majority of people use the STC service for regular internet use. STC internet service is liked by millions of people. 
STC gives extra credit to reusing the old STC internet packages to keep connected with the STC network. Once your current package is utilized, and you are searching for the same package for your own convenience, you can activate the package of your desire by quicknet voucher or by SIM balance using the below information given in the table

Price + VatDataValidityActivation Code
SAR 23Unlimited1 DayMy STC App (2120)
SAR 109.25Unlimited1 Week2730
SAR 11535GB+45 Streaming1 Month2743
SAR 195.5100 GB+19 GB Social Media1 Month2734
SAR 373.5Unlimited1 Month2726
SAR 25380 GB+90 GB Streaming2 Month2744
SAR 368100 GB+120 GB Streaming3 Month2745
SAR 201.2510 GB Data3 Month2722
SAR 517.50300 GB3 Month2728
SAR 862.5500 GB6 Month2731
SAR 1121.25Unlimited3 Month2739
  • Activation: Send Activation code to 900
  • To Check Data: Dial *166# or send SMS 2220 to 900
  • Streaming Services: YouTube, Netflix, Shahid VIP ,STC TV.
  • Social Media: Twitter , Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube.

STC Quicknet Vouchers

STC contains a series of quicknet vouchers or package plans with different numbers of MBS. Each package has a different advantage that meets users’ requirements. Check the package plans below and get complete information. ”SAWA Internet Packages” STC offers many packages for STC customers.

As Bill Gates stated, the internet is becoming the town square for global village of tomorrow, so there is a need for quick access to the internet customs to meet the new version of the world, and STC plays a vital role in this regard.
Have a look below to get access to desired requirements:

Price + VatDataValidity
SAR 109.25Unlimited1 Week
SAR 373.5Unlimited1 Month
SAR 195.5100 GB+19GB Social Media1 Month
SAR 1121.25Unlimited3 Month
SAR 862.25500 GB6 Month


E SIM Price+vat5G InternetValidity
SAR 57.525GB Data + 25GB Streaming1 Month
SAR 126.580GB Data + 80GB Streaming2 Month
SAR 184100GB Data + 100GB Streaming3 Months
  • Streaming Services: YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Shahid VIP ,STC TV.

STC KSA Prepaid Unlimited Plans

PriceDataValidityActivation Code
SAR 20Unlimited1 Day2120
SAR 100Unlimited1Week2162
SAR 350Unlimited1 Month2161

Terms & conditions

  • All packages are available at customer affordability without including tax charges.
  • The packages of your choice work on the 5G network with constant and speedy connection.
  • Mostly packages are auto-recursive or renewal meaning automatically renew that required package after expiry if you have enough balance in your SIM or account.
  • Internet’s constant speed depends on the user’s network availability in that specific area. 


Ans: Send an SMS to 2220 for your internet subscription Or dial *166# for further detail.
The subscription code of the STC package is *166#.

Ans: STC contains the best packages in each category. If you are looking suitable packages in the package plans list then STC Quicknet Package is the best. All other package plans are described in detail at the on this page according to your requirements. 

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