STC to STC KSA Balance Transfer

How KSA STC to STC Balance Transfer

you know about how STC to STC KSA balance transfer. We will provide you three methods to share balance from STC to STC

  • By using the code
  • By sending an sms
  • By using application

For people using the STC network, the balance transferring facility benefits such users. Most people use this for STC-to-STC balance moving, from STC to Pakistan, from STC to India, and many other countries.

The new customers that need to be made aware of this facility by the STC network can also offer their service to another person who needs any balance transferring difficulty to other countries other than Saudi Arabia.

There are three different and easy methods to transfer balance

Method1: Balance Transfer By using Code

The easy way to transfer a balance from STC to STC or other networks is by using USSD Code. So dial *133*number of recipient* amount# and press the call button.

  • Ensure you and the party sending the credit have an active STC SIM prepaid.  
  • Open the dialer on your phone.  
  • Insert the number and the amount you want to share in the given format:                *133*number of recipient* amount#
  •      Example*133*0552565713*10#
  • After you have inserted the number to which you want to send the credit along with the amount in Rayal, you will see a message box on your screen to confirm STC share.  
Method1: Balance Transfer By using Code

Method 2: Balance transfer through SMS

SAWA credit transfer through sms includes two ways:

  • Type the SMS *133*number of recipient* plus the amount and send it to 1500. The recipient has to resend a message *133*ID number of the recipient# to 1500.
  • for instance, if you want to share the balance from any number, take the mobile phone and type the Code like if you wanted to transfer 10 SAR to 0355………45 simply, sms *133*0355….45*10# to 900.
  • The recipient will send an SMS after receiving the money. The message will be as under:

type *133*number of recipient* plus amount* with ID number of the recipient.

  • To transfer money from one STC number to STC number,  use *133* recipient number* Amount*Recipient ID#
Method 2: Balance transfer through SMS

Method 3: Balance transfer using the MySTC app:

 Install the MySTC app from the play store or iTunes. 

This will help you to know about the transferring balance on any number, but before that, you must register your account.

  • Install MySTC app
  • Register an account for my STC app
  • Then login to the app
  • From the tab named “Manage,” select the “transfer option.”
Method 3: Balance transfer using the MySTC app
  • Select the “Transfer option.”
  • After that, enter the recipient number
  • Click the “send” button
  • Wait for the confirmation message to confirm your share balance has been successful.
STC to STC KSA Balance Transfer

MySTC app is the easiest way of transferring the balance from STC to STC number.

Terms and Conditions

 You should know before STC to STC KSA balance transfer.

STC balance transfer and STC SIM should be registered on your iqama card.

  1. The same circular circumstances will apply to the recipient.
  2.  You can transfer a minimum amount of SAR 5 and a maximum amount of SAR 20 to other STC prepaid numbers.
  3. The amount you want to transfer must be a multiple of 5, i.e., SAR 5, 10, 15, and 20. This service is granted to prepaid customers.
  4. You are bound to keep the minimum balance of SAR 20 in your account after the STC to STC credit transfer.
  5. The transfer service charges STC is SAR 1.15/transfer.


  We left behind the days of physically meeting with friends or family to give them a balance for transferring money from their bank account. With the advancement of technological resources, sharing balance has always been challenging for us a mediocre. We have covered whether you prefer to use the STC app or website, send an SMS, or use the Code for balance transfers.

All the above methods are pretty easy to use to transfer the balance from any STC to an STC number or from STC to any number. You must have to follow the steps and get your credit transfer, so what are you waiting for? STC is a convenient, flexible, and accessible service provider that lets users share the balance of any amount they want to share with their beloved ones.


Ans: You cannot transfer the balance from STC to Zain because there needs to be an agreement between telecommunication companies to share credit.

 Ans: You cannot transfer the balance from STC to Mobily because telecommunication companies have no agreement to share credit.

ANS: Yes, you can transfer the balance from STC to International Numbers.

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