STC KSA Number Check

To check your own SIM number or STC KSA number check, dial USSD code *150# in cell phone. Then press call button and within few seconds the STC SIM number will be shown on your mobile screen.

STC KSA Number Check By Dialing USSD Code

The very easy way to check STC SIM number, dial USSD code *150# in cell phone. Then press call button and wait after few seconds the STC SIM number will be shown on your mobile screen.

STC KSA Number Check

By Sending free SMS

The free method for you to find a STC KSA number by sending a free SMS by using “Please Call Me” Services to find your STC number for this, dial *177*mobile number# and sent. Your friend will receive a message ’’please call me’’ containing a STC number. Now check STC number own in mobile screen.

  • Dial *177*mobile number#.

Example: *177*055xxxxxxx#

STC KSA Number Check

By Calling Customer care number

You can check the STC KSA SIM number by calling free of cost STC customer care number ‘’900’’ and you can tell the Operator of the Customer Care Helpline that you want to find the number of your STC SIM. and after the call ended you will receive your number through SMS.

Using CITC web portal

You can do this by using your Absher details on the CITC (Communications and Information Technology Commission) website. Visit the CITC web portal and register to get the information about the SIM card. It will show you all your phone numbers registered under your Iqama

Using the MySTC app

  • First of all, download and install the MySTC app
  • Open the mySTC app
  • Click on the Start button
  • On the mySTC home screen, you can easily see your STC number.
Using the MySTC app

Visit Nearest STC Shop Method #6

Another way to check STC KSA SIM number is by visiting STC franchise. Bring your ID or digital iqama there. Because with the help of iqama number, they will inform you about the mobile numbers you currently own. 

STC Number Check Through The SIM Card Jacket

Every SIM comes with a SIM card jacket. If you observe closely then you can check SIM number. Through SIM card jacket , you can check STC SIM number quite easily.


In this article, we have shared with you the details of checking STC SIM numbers. If you forgot the number of your STC SIM then you do not need to worry, because several ways will help you retrieve your number, which you can save easily.

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