STC KSA Call Packages

STC is the most popular and most subscribed cellular network in Saudi Arabia. STC KSA call packages are very cheap compared to other networks. It has 20.9 million subscribers and is also the most affordable network in Saudi Arabia. STC was founded in 1998 and started providing call and internet services. STC is the most emerging network in Saudi Arabia.

STC KSA Call Packages

STC KSA Call Packages 

STC Prepaid SAWA Daily Call Package

STC KSA call packages provides different offers for national and international calls. Here is a complete detailed comparison and list of the daily call packages and other incentives. STC Prepaid Customers can choose the package of their need. Almost all daily packages are given below in the table:

Package NamePriceDetailsValidityActivation Code
Sawa 10 SAR package11.5 SAR200 mint on-Net call for 1 day+200sms &  200 Mb internet1 Day8111
Sawa Daily package17.25 SAR400 min on-Net call for 1 Day +1GB Internet1 Day7015
3 SAR Package3 SAR25 mint on-Net call for 1 day1 Day8112
Daily Basic Package34 SAR100 mint for all network, 1GB internet data+1GB social media1 Day7030
  • For activating any SAWA, call package Send Activation SMS Code to 900.
  • For Checking Balance Send code 8888 to 900
  • You can subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the packages through the MySTC App
  • For getting update about any New SAWA Plans, Send SMS SAWA to 900.

STC Local Daily Minutes Package 3 SAR

PriceCallValidityactivation Code
3 SAR25 Local Min1 Day8025
  • For Activation: Send SMS 8025 to 1100.
  • Package Status: Send 4 to 1411.
  • To cancel automatic renewal send 7009 to 900

STC KSA Local Minutes Packages

Here are the details of STC KSA call packages for the whole week that offer complete bundles, including STC local minutes package, off-net minutes, SMS, internet MBs, with other incentives. However, customers choose the best package for their needs. All local call packages are covered. Details are given below.

PriceCallInternetValidityActivation Code
SAWA Basic
34.5 SAR100 local & international calls1GB Internet+1 GB Social media4 Weeks8116
SAWA like Plus86.25 SAR500 Local Minutes7GB Internet+8 GB Social media4 Weeks7175 
SAWA Flex 240276 SAR600 Local & international Minutes80GB Internet+ UL Social media4 weeks724

STC KSA Local Call Packages Monthly

STC to STC monthly local call packages and international call packages, details are given below in table.

Package NamepriceDetailsInternetValidityActivation Code
SAWA 4040.25 SAR60 Local Minutes & 8 International Countries1GB Internet+1 GB Social media4 Weeks8116
SAWA flex 65SAR 74.75120 Local & International Minutes4GB Internet+4 GB Social media4 Weeks7066
Sawa flex 100115 SAR300 Local & International Minutes10GB Internet+20 GB Social media4 Weeks7095
Sawa share Plus132.25UL STC to STC, 500 Other Local Network Minutes20GB Internet+20 GB Social media4 Weeks7115 
Sawa Post Plus195.5UL STC to STC, 500 Min other Local Network.65GB Internet+ UL Social media4 Weeks7170
Sawa Star plusSAR 276Unlimited call to all local network100GB Internet+ UL Social media4 Weeks 724
  • International Countries : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, China, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Afghanistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
  • Social Media :  WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok etc.
  • To Check Balance : Send 8888 to 900

STC KSA SAWA Visitor Call Packages

PriceLocal callDataBalanceActivation
SAR 35200 min2GB5SR8113
70 SAR5 Hours18 GB10 SAR6770
100 SAR8 HOURS70GB156710
  • To Activate: Send SMS activation code to 900
  • The validity of the packages 3 weeks.

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