STC SAWA Internet Packages

Embark on the way of connectivity through STC SAWA internet packages KSA. STC SAWA internet package plans have been providing ease and convenience to its customers across different parts of the country through its all-in-all offers.

STC SAWA Internet Packages KSA

The company has been rolling out affordable internet bundles according to the needs of their customers which make them the preferred network provider for many Saudis.

Many types of STC internet offers are available according to the price according to the customers need. Under “SAWA internet packages” STC offers many packages for STC customers.

STC KSA SAWA data &call Packages

Price+ VatInternetSocial MediaCallsActivation Code
SAR 34.51 GB1 GB100 Min local7030
SAR 40.251 GB1 GB60 min Local & Int’l Call8116
SAR 74.754 GB4 GB120 min Local & Int’l Call7066
SAR 86.257 GB8 GB500 Min Local7175
SAR 11510 GB20 GB300 min Local & Int’l Calls7095
SAR 132.2520 GB20GBUL STC to STC, 500 min All Local7115
SAR 195.565 GBUnlimitedUL STC to STC, 500 min All Local7170
SAR 27680 GBUnlimited600 min Local & Int’l Call7241
SAR 276100 GBUNLIMITEDUnlimited Local7240
  • For Activation : Send Activation SMS Code to ”900
  • To Check Balance : Send ”8888” to ”900”..
  • Validity : All Plans Validities are 4 Weeks.
  • Social Media : YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

STC Internet For Prepaid Users

STC SAWA internet package KSA can be activated by using credit card, using SIM balance or by using STC internet vouchers available at price of SAR 110, 155, 230, 350, 470 by prepaid package user

Price + vatInternetValidityActivation Code
SAR 11010 GB1 Month2721 to 900
SAR 15510 GB2 Month2729 to 900
SAR 23050 GB2 Month2723 to 900
SAR 350100 GB3 Month2727 to 900
SAR 470300 GB3 Month2728 to 900
SAR 350Unlimited1 Month2161 to 900

STC Prepaid SAWA Offers:

STC SAWA Internet Packages or Saudi Telecom Company STC in Saudi Arabia is offering many internet packages and SAWA offers that are shown in table;

Price + Vat Data Social Media Local Calls Activation
SAR 74.75 4 GB 4 GB 120 Min 7066
SAR 115 10 GB 20 GB 300 Min 7095
SAR 126.5 20 GB 25 GB Unlimited 7110
SAR 195 65 GB Unlimited Unlimited STC to STC,
500 Other Local Min
SAR 40 1 GB 1 GB 60 Local min 6735
SAR 100 45 GB 3 WEEKS 8 hours 6710
SAR 132.25 20 GB  20GB Unlimited STC to STC,
500 Other Local Min
SAR 195.5 80 GB Unlimited STC to STC,1000 all local min 7170
SAR 253 115 GB Unlimited Unlimited 7220

STC SAWA Data Packages:

Recharge your SAWA number and enjoy SAWA data plans and services. These deals are ideal for individuals who desire data as well as calling minutes and social data. Get updated with more information about data plans below in the table along with their activation code.

Price+ vatDataValidityActivation codeLocal calls
SAR 301 GB1Month2151
SAR 11010 GB1Month2155
SAR 15510 GB2 Month2156
SAR 350100 GB3 Month2159
SAR 18010 GB3 Month2157
SAR 470300 GB3 Month2160
SAR 355 GB67352 Hours
SAR 7020 GB67705 hours
SAR 10040 GB67108 Hours
SAR 20Unlimited1 day8112100 Mins
SAR 354 Weeks8113200 Mins

STC Prepaid SAWA Daily Packages

Price+ vatDataCallsValidityActivation Code
SAR 11.5200 MB200 Min1 Day8111
SAR 17.251 GB400 Min1 Day7015

STC SAWA Visitors SIM Packages

Price+ vatDataLocal callsDurationActivation Code
SAR 352 GB2 hours2 Weks6735
SAR 5515 GB2 Hours2 Weks6755
SAR 7018 GB5 hours3 Weks6770
SAR 10045 GB8 hours4 Weks6710


Ans: The subscription code of unlimited 2 days prepaid data package is ”2999”.

To get a updated with new SAWA plans send SMS SAWA to ”900”

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