Lebara Internet Package Monthly

Lebara internet package monthly give leading and affordable internet and local calls facility to their user. Yalla internet include calls to landline within Saudi Arabia using local minutes covered by standard Lebara package rates. Charges of any International call or SMS will be charged from your main account balance as mentioned by standard Lebara package rate.

ServiceInternetLocal MinutesDurationPriceSocial Activation
Yalla 10250 MB50 Min30 Days10 SAR*777*3001#
Yalla 20500MB120 Min30 Days20 SAR*777*3002#
Yalla 301.5 GB150 Min30 Days30 SAR*777*3030#
Yalla 301.5 GB100 Min28 Days30 SAR1 GB*777*3028#
Yalla 453 GB250 Min28 Days45 SAR1 GB*777*3045#
Yalla 558 GB250 Min28 Days55 SAR*777*3003#
Yalla 606 GB 400 Min28 Days60 SAR9 GB*777*3060#
Yalla 9035 GB600 Min28 Days90 SAR55 GB*777*3060#
Yalla 11040 GB1100 Min30 Days110 SARUnlimited GB*777*3070#
Yalla 13055 GB130 Min30 Days130 SARUnlimited GB*777*3005#
Yalla 15070 GB1000 Min30 Days150 SARUnlimited GB*777*3007#
Yalla 18095 GB600 Min30 Days180 SARUnlimited*777*3050#
Yalla 220120 GB2200 Min30 Days220 SARUnlimited*777*3220#

Social Media include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp

Lebara Weekly Bundle

The table is given below:

ServiceLocal MinutesInternetPriceActivationDuration
Yalla 20100 Min1.5 GB20 SAR*777*3020#2 Weeks
Yalla 30300 Min3 GB30 SAR*777*3006#1 Week
Yalla 35100 Min10 GB35 SAR*777*3035#1 Week
Yalla 55100 Min15 GB55 SAR*777*3055#2 Weeks

Price does not include 15% VAT, it will be deducted from price of recharge.

Lebara Internet Package Monthly

On expiry, your package will not be auto-renewed. If you have sufficient balance, you can always buy Local Pass at any time. The charge paying service offered by the portal on the internet or via any of its license.

For more information about lebara internet packages click here or visit lebara official website.

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