How To Activate STC KSA SIM

        STC is a top Telecom network in Saudi Arabia. The main reason for its popularity is its fastest 4G speed. When a person buys or gets a new STC KSA SIM from a retailer or franchise then its 1st task is to activate it. The SIM card can be purchased from an approved distributor for a price of SAR 5. The package price will be paid during activation according to the selected package at the same current prices.

SIM cards are the primary reason why our mobile phones can connect to cellular networks and perform the functions that we need them to do. Nowadays, we carry out most of our everyday life activities on our mobile phones – from playing games to shopping to paying credit card bills.

 Hence, without SIM cards, you not only have to bid goodbye to these aforementioned actions but also bid adieu to basic functions like calling and messaging. Thus, you must learn the proper ways to activate your STC prepaid SIM so that your everyday lifestyle remains unaffected. We recommend you go through our below-mentioned guide containing all the viable methods for activating your KSA STC prepaid SIM.

STC KSA SIM Activation Method

  1. To activate the new STC SIM open “MYSTC App”.
  2. Select your preferred franchise location or” store” and then select “mobile and internet SIM”.
  3. Choose the service that needs you
  4. Select “Activate your SIM on your own”
  5. Scan the SIM barcode or enter the serial number
  6. Enter puk2 number
  7. Choose the suitable package that needs you
  8. Enter your details
  9. Authentication shall be done through the “Nafath” portal during activation.
  10. Enter the verification code that was sent to you.
  11. The “Nafath” authentication process is used for your Iqama or ID card Number.
  12. Payment through one of the available methods
  13. Enjoy the service!

Terms & Conditions

  • SIM registration is a sensitive case
  • Never provide your CNIC to strange people
  • Your SIM is your identity hence never share it
  • Never give your SIM to other people (relatives or friends)
  • For more details please visit the STC official site


STC SIM card is activated easily through MySTC App which is a very simple process. Whether you choose a prepaid or postpaid package, you can easily activate your STC SIM and enjoy the service.

Now it’s my conclusion that all users who want to get free internet, minutes and SMS, can buy an STC SIM and activate it via the given method present above. Hence enjoy the unlimited (fast) service of STC in your area.

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STC SIM is activated through the “MYSTC” App and follows the instructions mentioned above in the article.

Ans: “PUK2” can be found on the SIM package.

Ans: Yes, the SIM price is 5 SAR to be paid one time.

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