How to Check STC KSA Data Balance

While having an STC sim card, you must know how to check STC KSA data balance. STC is one of the most used networks in Saudi Arabia, providing calling and internet data Sims.

How to Check STC KSA Data Balance

So, checking the STC KSA balance for calling and data sim becomes compulsory. There are several methods to check the remaining balance.

Here is a list of a few STC data balance check procedures that is helpful for the Users of STC.

How to Check STC KSA Data Balance

  • 1: By using the USSD code
  • 2: By SMS
  • 3: Call customer care service
  • 4: Check from CITC website
  • 5: Via MySTC app

Check STC KSA Data Balance By Using The USSD Code:

STC data balance check code is *166#.  Simply dial the code “*166#” for further details. The screen will show the STC data balance information.

Check STC KSA Data Balance By Using The USSD Code:

To check the STC data balance, simply dial *888*5#; the remaining balance will appear on your mobile screen. Checking and tracking data and balance-using code is the easiest way.

  • The STC MB check code is 2220.
  • Use the code properly.
  •  Type in the messaging app
  • Please send it to 900.

 You will receive the details of the remaining internet balance in a minute or two displayed on your device’s screen.

Check KSA STC Data Balance By Sending an SMS:

You can send a code in a message from your cell phone to check the STC data balance. A message with the usable MBs in your STC sim will display on your mobile screen.

  • Type 166 in SMS
  • Send the code to 900. You will receive a message having details about the remaining balance
  • To check the data balance, type the following code in SMS:
  • Compose a message and send it to 2220
  • Send the message to: 900
  • This will help you know how much MB you have consumed and how much remains.
  • It will provide you with the information of your current balance.
Check STC Data Balance By Sending an SMS:

Call The Customer Care Service KSA:

Another method is by calling customer care service. Dial 1500 and get the information on the remaining STC data balance.

Dial the STC customer care number at 900. English and Urdu are available when you call 900, or you can enquire about data balance in any other preferred language. Listen to the instruction provided by the representative, and you will be able to hear the information about the remaining data balance.

Check The STC Data Balance From CITC Portal:

You can check the STC data balance by visiting STC/CITC Website/portal.

To visit MYSTC:

  • Click on ‘Login to Specific Number’ to access your account.
  • Enter your Mobile number.
  •  Click on Next
  • Enter the 6-digit OTP received on your mobile and click on Login.
  • Once you are logged in, you can access your data balance.
  • The next step screen will show all details like Qitaf points, Activated Packages, and Remaining Internet Data Balance.
Check The STC Data Balance From CITC Portal:

What are Qitaf’s points?

  • Qitaf is a reward program offered by SAWA.
  • You will get 1 point on each recharge of 10 SAR.  
  • Therefore, by recharging 20 SAR, you will get 2 qitaf points. Furthermore, you can utilize the points to purchase the data or balance voucher.
  • You can use the qitaf points for booking the ticket and using in-careem services.
  • The best way to check your Qitaf balance is by downloading the MySTC app. The app will show the points and how much you have earned thoroughly.
  • Otherwise, call the helpline at 1500
  •  Ask them about the qitaf points you have earned.
  • They will give you the details.

Check Data Balance Via MySTC App:

The last method to check STC data balance is using the MySTC App after downloading it from the play store. The app will help you to get all the details. Installing the My STC app on your mobile phone is the best option. You will get plenty of other options and details to check the STC data balance.

  • Download the MySTC App from Google Play Store
  • Run the desired application 
  • Please create your account for their online services and offers. You can also find
  • Your number in this application if you forgot your sim number.
  • Another option to get your sim number is via the MySTC portal.
  • Once you are logged in, you can know about the data balance.
  • For this purpose, you need an internet connection.
Check Data Balance Via MySTC App:

Conclusion: These methods can help you how to check STC data balance. Besides these methods, if you are not willing to use any offer, plan, or package, STC allows customers to cancel subscriptions anytime.

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