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Find the Best Friendi KSA Internet Packages here. Let’s look at affordable and convenient Friendi packages and learn how to subscribe to them in less than a minute. All the Friendi customers can also subscribe via the Friendi internet package codes mentioned on this page. You can also use the Friendi offcial app to get the extra bonus Mb’s internet.

  • Download the app and get 100 MB free
  • Enjoy 5% bonus credit on the app
  • Log on daily and get 10 MB free.
Friendi KSA Internet Packages

Friendi KSA Internet Packages

30MB1 DaySAR 1.99
100MB3 DaysSAR 4.99
500MB7 DaysSAR 8.50
1 GB10 DaysSAR 12.99
750MB14 DaysSAR 14.99
1GB21 DaysSAR 17.00
1.5GB30 DaysSAR 25.99
3.5GB30 DaysSAR 39.99
13GB30 DaysSAR 55
40GB30 DaysSAR 85
60GB30 DaysSAR 99
75GB90 DaysSAR 260
10GB90 DaysSAR 110
50GB90 DaysSAR 175
Unlimited90 DaysSAR 325
200GB90 DaysSAR 330
300GB90 DaysSAR 450

Instruction about Friendi KSA internet Packages

  • For Activation:  Dial *108#
  • For Balance Check:   *109#

Friendi KSA Prepaid Combo Packages

DataSocial MediaLocal CallsValidityPrice
1GB60 Min7 DaysSAR 12.99
1GB120 Min14 DaysSAR  17
3GB3GB150 Min14 DaysSAR 29.99
3GB250 Min30 DaysSAR 43
3GB300 Min21 DaysSAR 43.48
5GB3GB200 Min30 DaysSAR 43.50
20GB15GB250 Min30 DaysSAR 70
25GB25GB500 Min30 DaysSAR 85
40GB40GB700 Min30 DaysSAR 99
25GB15GB1000 Min30 DaysSAR 110
100GB800 Min90 DaysSAR 319

The activation code of the combo package is *112#. The different combo bundles in the above table provide data, social bonuses, and free national minutes to all local networks. Social Media include YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Friendi Daily Capped Bundles

Friendi daily internet packages include social media bundles as well. We divided the Friendi 4G Packages into subcategories, daily, weekly, monthly, and Friendi Data-SIM internet Packages. All the Friendi customers can also subscribe to the internet package codes mentioned on this page.

Daily Capped BundlesTotal DataValidityPriceActivation Code
512 MB Daily Limit3.5GB7 DaysSAR 34.5*118#
512 MB Daily Limit7 GB14 DaysSAR 46*118#
1 GB +10 Min call30GB+300 Mint Call30 DaysSAR 86.25*118#

Friendi KSA Day Night Packages

Day DataNight DataValidityPriceActivation code
5GB15GB7 Days SAR 39.99*112#
10GB30GB30 Days SAR 79.99*112#
  • Day Data : 6 am to 12 am
  • Night Data : 12 am to 6 am

Friendi KSA National Call Packages

PriceDurationLocal minutes
SAR 325 minutes24 hours
SAR 15150 minutes1 weak
SAR 25250 minutes1 month

Friendi Data Transfer

To initiate data transfer to any Friendi mobile number simply dial *701*1# on your phone.

Service value+5% VATTransfer valueData duration
110 Bz50 MB10 Days
110 Bz100 MB10 Days
110 Bz200 MB10 Days
120 Bz500 MB10 Days
120 Bz1 GB10 Days

Friendi Emergency Loan

Friendi mobile is there to support you at the time of emergency. If you have insufficient balance you can take loan to make urgent calls, SMS or purchase any plane or bundle you may need.

Advanced loan Service feeTotal credit deduction
200 Bz20 Bz220 Bz
450 Bz50 Bz500 Bz
900 Bz100 BzRO1

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