Mobily 20 Riyal Package: Mobily KSA unlimited internet offer 2024

Mobily 20 riyal package, the most significant telecommunication companies, get to the bottom of connectivity and offer a range of bundles that suits to different needs. If you want Mobily 20 riyal package either for social media or entertainment having good and cost-effective mobile package is necessary.

Mobily 20 Riyal Package

Mobily Unlimited Social Media

Mobily introduces fresh social media adds-on for both prepaid and postpaid customers, granting unlimited access to select apps. Mobily internet packages are one of the best entertainment provider in Saudi Arabia. Choose between monthly, weekly or daily subscription to match your requirements for the following apps:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snap Chat
  • Google meet

How to Activate

Service nameActivation codeDeactivation codePriceDuration
Unlimited monthly social440440SAR 6030 days
Unlimited Weekly Social447440SAR 207 days
Unlimited Daily Social441440SAR 41 day

For postpaid VAT is added to the bill, while for prepaid VAT is subtracted from the bill.

How to Subscribe Mobily 20 riyal offer

If you want to make subscription through SMS

  • Send code 441 to 1100—daily
  • Send code 447 to 1100—weekly
  • Send code 440 to 1100—monthly

Subscription Through USSD

  • *441# for Daily
  • *447# for Weekly
  • *440# for Monthly

Subscription Through Mobily App

  • Go to My Mobily
  • My Services
  • Messaging

Subscribe by Web Portal

  • Go to My Mobily
  • My Services
  • Messaging

How to unsubscribe the Mobily 20 riyal package

  • For SMS subscriptions send 0440 to 1100
  • For USSD subscription dial 0440 
  • For app subscription My Line -> Social Media -> Social Daily / Social Weekly / Social Monthly

Rules & Features

  • Roaming must be disabled to use this service.
  • Customers with unlimited data on their current package are not eligible to activate the service.
  • The service is available for activation on both postpaid and prepaid packages.
  • Postpaid customers cannot subscribe to the service if their line status is OG or full barred.
  • Prepaid customers must have sufficient credit to subscribe to the service.
  • The duration of monthly package for prepaid lines is 30 days starting form activation date.
  • The monthly social media package’s subscription fee for postpaid lines will be determined based on the activation date, with charges applying solely to the remaining days of the current month.

Mobily 20 GB internet Package

Mobily 20 GB internet Package

Our 4G-enabled devices provide the ultimate and quickest mans to access the internet, whether you’re alone or with you entire family.

  • Data     20 GB
  • Price    260 SAR/ 90 days
  • Prices are VAT inclusive.

What is Mobily fiber

Mobily fiber optic technology delivers fast download speed and high-speed internet like never before. Now, you can instantly stream videos and engage in online gaming all at incredibly affordable rates.

Specifications of Mobily fiber

  • 500 Mbps download speed and up to 125 Mbps upload speed
  • 24/7 customer support to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Adequate network capacity to seamlessly, play, browse and download concurrently without any disruptions.
  • Extremely minimal latency, ideal for online gaming and streaming.
  • Mobily Fiber Optics is the first-class net alternative for the home.
  • Prepaid and Postpaid devices of mobily fiber home internet are free
  • Choose net pace with fiber generation 300, 400, 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps.


Mobily 20 riyal package is an ideal choice for individual and families who require a complete connectivity experience at affordable price. Mobily provide the opportunity to enjoy high speed browsing, social media to stay in touch with friends and family both nationally and internationally, at any time and from any where. With the mobily 20 riyal package you can have more freedom and flexibility in using your mobile phone without worrying  about the cost of Service. this package is tailored to meet your daily communication needs, making the digital aspect of your life.


Expiry date will be on 27th of December 2023.

The package name will be mobily Prepaid Data SIM 20GB.

The mobily internet packages are assigned to put forward extensive mobile experience at an cost-effective point. It provides users with a union of high-speed internet, unlimited mobily 20 GB internet package, local and international call and MSG’s satisfaction.

500 Mbps download speed and up to 125 Mbps upload speed

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