Zain KSA Advance Balance

How to get advance balance in zain KSA

Customers do not have to worry about running out of balance in an emergency. When your balance end, you can get the Zain KSA advance balance by sending a code to the Zain company. Suppose you search for zain KSA advance balance service, so you are in the right place.

Zain is the favorite mobile telecom company in Saudi Arabia and provides many packages and services in KSA, including Call, SMS packages, internet packages, and internet devices with high-speed 4G and 5G internet devices in Saudia at affordable rates.

How to get Zain advance balance 10 Riyal?

How do we get Zain’s advance balance of 10 riyals? Zain customers’ SAR1-20 loan can be taken if they have low credit or no credit on their mobile in Zain network sim so that they can get Zain advance balance service any time in 24 hours.

  • Write a message with the digit “1”.
  • Send it to 700500.
  • Zain Advance Balance/Loan Code: 700500.
  • You shall be notified that the request is in “process”.
  • Soon, you will receive an SMS from Zain, “Congratulations, your Airtime balance is SR 10″ from Zain.
Zain KSA Advance Balance

Through Zain’s advanced balance service can easily get an SR 10 balance on their mobile. If you have any issue related to the Zain network, you can call the zain Helpline within 24 hours only. You can dial 959 on your mobile and resolve your problem. Zain Telecom Company provides Zain Emergency credit service in Saudia for only prepaid customers. 

Fee Charges for Zain advance Balance

Afterwards, you will charge your account with a balance deducted from your balance. There is a 20% fee charge every time you can get a loan from Zain telecom.

This payment will be deducted when you recharge your prepaid Zain s sim. These are the service charges of Zain telecom company in Saudi Arabia.

Terms &Conditions for Advance Balance

The Advance Loan amount is SR 10, deducted from the advance loaner recharge amount.

  • You can’t avail of this service if your existing balance is more than SAR 1.
  • Service charges are 20%
  • If you have already taken a loan, you can’t take it again unless you return.
  • Only Prepaid users can avail of advance loans.
  • No, postpaid subscribers are not eligible to use this service ·     
  • Company terms and condition applies
  • For more information visit official website: Click Here

Get zain advance balance by sending SMS to 700500.

You are eligible for this service if your existing balance is more than SAR 1.

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