Lebara KSA Balance Check

Lebara KSA balance check in multiple ways. The five easy ways to check your Lebara balance are given in this article. Lebara KSA balance check is an effortless and quick way to all the details about your credit.

Lebara is a telecommunications company in several countries, including Saudi Arabia. Lebara provides mobile services that serve international communities, offering affordable local and international calling rates, internet packages and data plans.

How To check Lebara Balance In KSA

You can check Lebara’s sim balance or data balance in Saudi Arabia by dialing the USSD code, using the application, sending an SMS and by calling their Helpline. 

Lebara Balance Check Code

Lebara KSA balance check code, dial USSD Code *000# from your Lebara mobile number and press the call button. After a few seconds, you will receive a message displaying your remaining balance.

Lebara KSA Balance Check Code

Lebara Data Balance Check Code

You can check the Lebara internet balance or remaining MBs. You can dial one of the following codes: *164# or *122#. The system will check and display it on your mobile screen shortly. 

By using Lebara Application   

You can check the Lebara balance by download and install the Lebara app from PlayStore or iTunes on your smartphone. Sign in with your Lebara account details, and within the app, you can check your remaining balance and other account information.

Via Sending An SMS      

Send an SMS with the keyword ‘BALL’ to the shortcode 1755. You will receive a message containing your Lebara balance information.

Lebara Helpline or Customer Service    

You can check the lebara balance by call the helpline or dial the lebara customer service number, 1755, from your lebara mobile number. Follow the voice prompts or speak a customer service representative and request your balance information.

Online Account     

Visit the lebara official website and log in to your account. Once logged in, You should be able to view your balance information on your account. So that is a very easy procedure to check the lebara balance.


Lebara balance checking is a very simple process that can be done through various methods. Lebara offers convenient ways to check both your call and data balance. Additionally, you can check the lebara balance on the lebara website or online account. These methods ensure you can easily stay updated on your lebara balance, whether call or internet usage.


No, checking your lebara balance is free of charge. However, depending on your mobile service plan, standard messaging or data rates may apply if you choose to check your balance via SMS or lebara app.

Yes, you can check your lebara balance from abroad. You can use the same methods mentioned above.

Lebara’s balance usually comes with an expiration period. The validity periods depend on the type of recharge.

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